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March 22-23
Spring Rush Regatta

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April 26-27
Cowtown Stampede at the
Annual Leukemia Cup Regatta


May 17-18
Southwest Championship at the
Corinthian Heritage Cup Regatta


June 14-15
Surfin' Safari



September 20-21
Beasley Cup at the
HOOD Regatta


November 1-2



November 15-16
Circus Regatta

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2014 Southwest Championship Winners - Team Bad Moon
Written by Tonja Holmes-Moon   

On May 17-18, 2014, Fleet 163 and Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club (DCYC) hosted the District 14 Southwest Championship Regatta. The winner of this championship would win a berth to the 2015 Worlds in Germany. This regatta took place in conjunction with DCYC’s annual Corinthian Heritage Cup Regatta and the third circuit stop of the J/24 Texas Circuit. Fourteen boats competed in the Southwest Championship, and it was full of tight racing.

BM Only 4 races were to be had due to lack of wind on Saturday, and at the start of Race 4, scoring for the top spot was still pretty tight: Bad Moon 9 points, Tropical Aggression 11 points, sr. happy 13 points. The Champion could still be any of these boats. As the boats rounded marks and swapped places up and downwind, once the leaders crossed the finish line, a clear winner emerged.

Congratulations to the 2014 Southwest Championship winners on Team Bad Moon, Kelly Holmes-Moon, Farin Smith, David Haslip, Brittany Smith, and Andrew Theismann.

Places 2nd through 5th were: 2nd – Stuart Lindow, Tropical Aggression; 3rd – Juan Mauri, sr. happy; 4th – After Midnight; 5th – Natalie Penner, GIGGLES.

Bow Numbers for the Texas Circuit
Written by Tonja Holmes-Moon   

Below will describe how to affix your bow numbers for the Texas Circuit regattas.

For scoring and identification of boats, unique bow numbers are required to be fixed to both external port and starboard sides of the forward bow area of each competing boat’s hull. These numbers must be affixed as follows:

a)     The leading edge of the forward number shall be 12” aft of the stem.

b)      The top edge of both numbers shall be 6” from the rail.

c)     All numbers must contrast with the color of the hull and be at least 12" in height.

bow no

It is the responsibility of each participating boat to obtain and affix their bow numbers to their yacht.

Bow numbers will be assigned to each participating boat for the duration of the Circuit year. Bow numbers 01 through 10 are pre-assigned to the top ten (10)boats based on previous year’s circuit standings.

Bow numbers 11 through 99 are available for boats on a first come basis. Bow numbers 11 through 99 used in the previous circuit year will be reserved for the boat that declared it in that previous year. Numbers used in the previous circuit year can be found at www.j24texas.com under Standings.

Bow numbers for the current Circuit are considered declared once a boat has registered for a regatta using the declared bow number. Issues relating to bow numbers (e.g. assignment, placement, size, etc.) will be resolved solely by the Governor. 

To view bow numbers that have been used the prior year, click on this link

USWatercraft LLC Acquires TPI J/Boat Files
Written by Tonja Holmes-Moon   
J/24 Hiking Position - 2011 Rule Changes and Looking Forward
Written by Tim Winger, IJCA-ITC Chair   
In the rule changes implemented this year (2011), the Class chose to eliminate our old rule 8.3 that stated “No member of the crew shall station any part of his/her torso outside the upper lifeline other than temporarily, notwithstanding the provisions of Racing Rules of Sailing 49.”
The intention of eliminating this rule was to simplify our rules and to better align with the ISAF and the Racing Rules of Sailing.  We seem to have forgotten why this rule was written in the first place, and none of those of us who are responsible for vetting these changes picked up on the significance of making this change ­ that it would allow hiking between the lifelines on boats equipped with upper and lower lifelines.  Once the Class Rule had been removed and competitors began to hike between the lifelines, there was a very broad cry internationally to reverse the change and not allow hiking between the lifelines as is clearly allowed in RRS 49.2.

We were only slightly ahead of our times since the ISAF has a proposal before it (130-06) to delete the section of RRS 49.2 that allows hiking between the lifelines.  This proposal may or may not be approved for the 2013 Racing Rules of Sailing, but it is clear that there is broad interest in disallowing this practice in our sport.

After a vote by the IJCA Executive Committee and approval by the IJCA Technical Committee, the IJCA has submitted a proposal to ISAF for an emergency rule change to reinstate former rule 8.3 as new rule 8.4.
In the interim, it is suggested that all Notices of Race and Sailing Instructions for all J/24 events include the following language:  “No member of the crew shall station any part of his/her torso outside the upper lifeline other than temporarily, notwithstanding the provisions of RRS 49.” When using the IJCA standard documents, this should appear in section 1.4 of the NOR and SIs.

We apologize for any inconvenience this change and its reversal might have caused, but the IJCA never intended to allow hiking between the lifelines.

Tim Winger
Keel Bolt Maintenance Notice from Waterline
Written by Tonja Holmes-Moon   
Waterline Systems has put out a keel bolt maintenance bulletin for J/Boats, and especially J/24s, J/22s and J/80s. Click on this link to read the full bulletin and check out your keel bolts!
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